Registration extended and UCL Ageing Festival

The Accessibility Symposium has been asked to be part of the UCL Ageing Festival and so we have decide to extend the registration period and also  split the registration so that you  can register for the first day of talks only or for the whole symposium.

Like to register as part of the UCL Ageing Festival? UCL’s Festival of Ageing will seek to address some of the questions that arise from an ageing population but which straddle traditional disciplinary boundaries.  By encouraging cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration, UCL hopes to create new perspectives, which will guide and deepen the ageing debate in future years. Accessibility is a key element in ensuring a high  quality of life of elderly people. Come along and hear key note speakers from across the UK and Japan discuss how they are advancing the measuring and mapping of accessibility and how this all leads to an ever increasing level of accessibility and quality of life for people. Register here

Like to take part in the whole symposium? Following our day of talks we will get busy working in small groups to decide on :

  1. Key metrics which should be adopted to measure accessibility. We will also be discussing how these can be mapped or otherwise used by end users, transport planners and those in the medical community.
  2. Developing initial ideas into project ideas which can be developed beyond the life of this symposium. An evening reception will follow the final proceedings of the first day of the symposium

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