Update on the symposium and photo competition

We are barely four days away from the symposium and information continues to come in. Today we have three new abstracts to share, all which are going into the “Welcome Pack” which attendees will receive on the first day at Friends House. Once compiled properly, these Welcome Packs will also be digitally available through this website.

Today’s abstracts are by Ross Atkin, Daisuke Sawada and Takashi Watanabe. As usual, they can be found by following the links below, or on each speakers’ personal page (under “Symposium Speakers)”:

Capturing the experiences of visually impaired street users” (Ross Atkin).

Wheelchair Accessibility in Barrier-free Guideline on Public Transport in Japan” (Daisuke Sawada).

Evaluation and Assistance of Lower Motor Function for Motor Disabled Persons” (Takashi Watanabe).

Our photo competition continues! We have set up a Flickr to inspire you, and ask that those interested spread the word as far as possible so that we can gather a nice collection of examples of (good and bad) accessibility across the world.

Tweet them to us #accessphoto to @UCLPamela, or email them to theaccessibilitysymposium@gmail.com

The prizes still stand: two £50 Amazon vouchers are up for grabs, one in each guiding category.

Show us what makes your life simpler! Show us what makes your life harder!


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