Update on the symposium and photo competition

We are barely four days away from the symposium and information continues to come in. Today we have three new abstracts to share, all which are going into the “Welcome Pack” which attendees will receive on the first day at Friends House. Once compiled properly, these Welcome Packs will also be digitally available through this website.

Today’s abstracts are by Ross Atkin, Daisuke Sawada and Takashi Watanabe. As usual, they can be found by following the links below, or on each speakers’ personal page (under “Symposium Speakers)”:

Capturing the experiences of visually impaired street users” (Ross Atkin).

Wheelchair Accessibility in Barrier-free Guideline on Public Transport in Japan” (Daisuke Sawada).

Evaluation and Assistance of Lower Motor Function for Motor Disabled Persons” (Takashi Watanabe).

Our photo competition continues! We have set up a Flickr to inspire you, and ask that those interested spread the word as far as possible so that we can gather a nice collection of examples of (good and bad) accessibility across the world.

Tweet them to us #accessphoto to @UCLPamela, or email them to theaccessibilitysymposium@gmail.com

The prizes still stand: two £50 Amazon vouchers are up for grabs, one in each guiding category.

Show us what makes your life simpler! Show us what makes your life harder!


Two more abstracts

The symposium approaches, and two more abstracts have been added today! The first by Hiroshi Kitagawa and the second by Tatsuto Suzuki. These can be found by following the links below, or on their personal pages under “Symposium Speakers”:

Accessibility / Mobility of Wheelchair Measurement – A case study of using some index” (Hiroshi Kitagawa).

Powered wheelchairs with assist as needed control” (Tatsuto Suzuki)


A couple of abstracts added.

Abstracts for two talks have been added today, the first by Ann Frye and the second by Taizo Miyachi. These can be found by following the links below, or on their personal pages under “Symposium Speakers”:

Mapping Engineering. Safe Guides by Active 3D Map and Quiet Acoustic Guides” (Taizo Miyachi).

Global Experiences of Disability” (Ann Frye)

Visual changes on this blog

It has been called to our attention that the previous layout for the blog, which consisted of a very dark background with light-coloured font, could be very uncomfortable for viewers with particular visual impairments. We have thus decided to change the layout to a simpler and lighter colour scheme in the interest of keeping with the theme of the workshop: accessibility.

If you have any concerns with the new layout, please do let us know (with a comment below, or emailing one of the organisers) so we can do our best to adjust it!

Also – a quick reminder! The photo competition is still going on! Show us examples of good and bad accessibility worldwide and have a chance at winning a £50 Amazon voucher. Entries to be made via Twitter with the hashtag #accessphoto or via email: theaccessibilitysymposium@gmail.com

Looking forward to the entries!

Accessibility Photo Competition

The Accessibility Symposium is always keeping an eye out for the best, and the worst, examples of accessibility out there. Be a part of it! You could grab one of the £50 Amazon vouchers we have in store!

To participate, it’s very simple. Send us your pictures of examples of accessibility with a short explanation of why it is a good example, or a bad one. Your picture can be from anywhere in the world. Really! We want to know what accessibility is like across the planet.

You can participate through Twitter by tagging your pictures with #accessphoto, and adding a short description in your Tweet.

You can also participate by sending us your pictures to theaccessibilitysymposium@gmail.com

There will be two categories: best example of accessibility, and worst example. The winners will be chosen by Nick Tyler, and each category winner receives a £50 Amazon voucher.

The picture will be printed out and displayed at the symposium in UCL from 9-11 December. Winners will be announced on the 11th of December and will be contacted through the same means they used to send in the pictures.

You can enter as many times as you wish! Send us your pictures, we want to know!