Symposium Programme

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The symposium will be held at different venus on different days:

9th Dec:  The morning will hear keynote speeches on how to improve accessibility, sensor and mapping software, health and well-being of cities, measuring mobility and the policy requirements of enabling accessibility. The afternoon will be devoted to hearing case studies which will be showcased and open to the public. An evening reception will follow the end of proceedings of the first day of the symposium.

This will be held at Friends House, more information on how to arrive there can be found at this link.

10th Dec: Workshop dedicated to defining the accessibility indices and assessing the mapping options.

11th Dec: Workshop  to brainstorm future research projects which can be developed from the symposium along with a work plan for each project. An evening reception will follow the end of proceedings of the final day of the symposium.

For the second and third days, events will take place on the ground floor of the Chadwick Building in UCL, room G04. Information on how to arrive can be found here.

A detailed schedule for each day can be found here: Accessibility Symposium Programme.

The symposium is sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and is therefore free. 

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