Hiroshi Kitagawa

Speaker: Accessibility / Mobility of Wheelchair Measurement
 - A case study of using some index

HiroHiroshi Kitagawa, Dr. Eng.
Chief Researcher & Group Leader,
Research Group One,
The Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology
Kobe, Japan
E-mail: kitagawa@assistech.hwc.or.jp

Hiroshi Kitagawa is the Chief Researcher & Group Leader, The Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology since 2005. He was previously a Researcher of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology in Tokyo since 1999 to 2005. And he has worked as a Research Associate in Kinki University, Osaka. He was a staff in Department of Civil Engineering since 1993 to 1999 after completion of a master course for Graduate School of Engineering in Kobe University. In his doctorial program, he had been investigated transport behaviour for elderly people, and he had proposed pedestrian environment for wheelchair users. He was presented Doctor of Engineering from Kinki University in 2004.
His recent research are a pedestrian environment study for people with disabilities, an improvement study of transportation for people with reduced mobility, a traffic safety study for older drivers, and a relation study between assistive technology and social environment, and so on.

For an abstract of Hiroshi Kitagawa’s talk, please click here.


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